A guided path out of Type 2 Diabetes

We know it's hard to lead a healthy lifestyle in 2021, and even harder to stick to treatment plans. The current system isn't providing meaningful support. At Metaboly, we're putting a spotlight on the road to help you find your way out. 

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Chronic disease is a wicked problem. The reason existing treatments are so ineffective is because they only aim to improve a single element of the process. Unfortunately, this is rarely taken into account and the blame is too often put on the people who are trying to get healthy in a broken system. At Metaboly, we've created a system of care that works together to support you every step of the way. We streamline onboarding, prescribe structured game plans, offer better visibility of progress and outcomes, improve communication between patients and practitioners, and offer personal and community support to help you reach your health goal.

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Dr. Tim English is a lecturer in the Sydney School of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney. After years of working in tertiary education and many conversations with alumni, Tim realised many of the major problems that existed a decade ago still plague chronic disease prevention and management today.

Tom Clarke is a UX specialist and entrepreneur who understands the important role people play when building their solutions. After a project in the healthcare industry in London gave him an inside look at the systemic inefficiencies in the sector, he set out to see where he could use his skills to make a difference.

Dave Hutchinson is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and researcher. Dave’s Metaboly journey began in his own clinical practice, where it became clear that traditional management of metabolic health was outdated, unsupportive, and failing his patients. Dave co-founded Metaboly to provide a fresh approach that empowers people to take control of their metabolic health and overall wellbeing for life.

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