Our founders

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Dr Tim English

Dr. Tim English is a lecturer in Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney. After years of working in tertiary education and many conversations with alumni, Tim realised people with or at risk of chronic disease were still falling through the gaps of the outdated ‘treatment’ model of health care.

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Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke is a UX specialist and entrepreneur who understands the important role people play when building their solutions. After a project in the healthcare industry in London gave him an inside look at the systemic inefficiencies in the sector, he set out to see where he could use his skills to make a difference.

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Our mission

Metaboly’s founders are driven by personal family experiences with Type 2 Diabetes. When diagnosis came, we were frustrated that our loved ones weren’t getting the support they need because the current system runs on paper and fails to support people when they need it most. Too often these treatments do nothing to enable people to change their lives and reverse their condition, only to treat their symptoms as their condition slowly worsens.

It’s been clinically proven for 30 years that behaviour change can reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, but there’s been a damaging perception that’s it’s ‘too hard' to address the root cause of the condition and get people to change their behaviour.

The current medical model starts and ends in the clinic, even if the clinic is virtual, the client is only engaged during consultations, how on earth is somebody with diabetes supposed to rebuild their day to day habits from the ground up when the only thing helping them is a piece of paper with rigid instructions and the possibility of a follow up in a month if they’re lucky.


It’s our mission to make prescribing and enacting lifestyle change as easy as prescribing and taking pharmaceuticals. 


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